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  • Effectively smooth and prevent forehead wrinkles, resulting in a youthful appearance. These treatments minimize fine lines, rejuvenating the forehead complexion. Additionally, addressing glabellar lines can also prevent frown lines, ensuring a smoother, more refreshed look.

  • Smooth out glabellar lines, often called the "elevens" or "frown lines" to achieve a softer, refreshed, youthful appearance.

  • Naturally lifts your brows to accentuate your beautiful eyes.

  • Do you clench or grind your teeth? This treatment relaxes the masseter muscle, easing TMJ symptoms and slimming the face. 

  • A lip flip Botox treatment effectively reduces a gummy smile, enhancing the balance and aesthetics of your smile.

  • Smooth out 'bunny lines', the lines on your nose you might get from laughing, for a smooth skin texture.

  • Have fine lines around your eyes? Soften them and achieve a softer look with a few units of treatment.

  • Smooth out a dimpled or orange peel textured chin effortlessly, with just a few units of Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin.

  • Facial rejuvenation isn’t complete without addressing the neck. Soften 'platysma bands', the vertical neck bands, caused by thickened neck muscles. 

  • These treatments block the nerve signal responsible for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), preventing overactive sweat glands. Clinical studies demonstrate an impressive 82-87% reduction in sweating, with results lasting up to twelve months.

  • Trap Botox elongates the neck and relieves tension by relaxing the trapezius muscles.


Real People. Real Results.

Forehead - Frown Lines - Crows Feet 

Lip Flip for Anti-Gummy Smile



Botox/Daxxify/Xeomin are trusted treatments for facial fine lines and wrinkles, notably targeting forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. They're also effective for neckbands, chin dimples, hyperhidrosis, and jawline slimming. 

✓ Reduce wrinkles particularly around the eyes, forehead and between eyebrows
✓ Prevent future lines by relaxing facial muscles
✓ Attain a youthful look with subtle, effective results


  • An excellent candidate for this treatment is an adult with healthy skin, moderate elasticity and wrinkles in areas near the eyes.These injections improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.

  • Within 24-48hrs most patients notice fine lines and wrinkles fading. Best results begin to show within 3 to 7 days post-treatment, with full effects within 2 weeks. 

  • Results from Botox, Dysport or Xeomin are not permanent. Effects usually last about 3-4 months.

  • No, wrinkle reducers are not recommended when pregnant or breastfeeding.

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