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10 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel is ideal for making your skin feel smoother and look younger. At Spa Medica, you can get the results you want from this treatment by making it fit your needs and skin type. 

chemical peel can get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, even out the tone and texture of your skin by getting rid of sunspots and other spots, and smooth out scars. 

Before you get your first chemical peel, you should know ten things about this treatment. Check this blog post today with us at Spa Medica and see how Chemical Peel can help you! 

1.What Do Chemical Peels Mean?

A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical is put on the skin to remove the top layers and reveal smooth, fresh skin underneath. Most of the time, chemical peels are used on the face to treat wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone.

2.What are the Kinds of Chemical Peels?

The epidermis gets peeled off by a light chemical peel. This type of treatment can be done once every four weeks to treat mild skin problems like fine lines and wrinkles, light hyperpigmentation, minor acne scars, slight skin tone and texture issues, and dull skin.

With a medium chemical peel, the top layer of the epidermis and the top parts of the middle layer of the skin's dermis are removed. This is a good choice for people who need deeper chemical exfoliation to treat more obvious skin damage like acne scars, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dry or damaged skin texture. 

Every four to six months is a safe time to get a medium-strength chemical peel. Deep chemical peels strip the skin cells even deeper. Dermatologists recommend and do this peel on people with deeper wrinkles, scars, a lot of dark spots, and sagging skin. 

Most people have redness, peeling, and scabs on their skin for one to two weeks after this procedure. Even after just one session, you can see significant changes.

3.An Effective Exfoliation Treatment

The main goal of a chemical peel is to remove dead or damaged skin cells and make the skin's surface smoother, more even, and look younger. Our skin care experts at Spa Medica choose the depth of the peel to show if it only works on the skin's surface or goes deeper into the skin. 

Old skin cells that block pores and stick to the surface are removed, turned over, and given different functions by the active ingredients. After a chemical peel, you might start to peel right away. The dead and damaged cells will continue to shed during the healing process.

4.It can Help You With Many Skin Problems.

Most people get chemical peels because they make them look younger. A chemical peel can eliminate discoloration caused by sun damage and encourage new collagen growth. This makes the skin firmer and less wrinkled, wrinkly, or saggy. 

Some chemical peels can also help with issues like scarring and acne affecting your skin. During a consultation, our doctor at Spa Medica will talk to you about your concerns and let you know if they think a chemical peel would help.

5.Consultations Are a Must

Before you can put the chemical peel solution on your skin, you will need to do some preparation. This means washing the skin well and removing loose dead skin cells or other things on the surface. Your skin care expert will tell you what steps you need to take to get the best results from your chemical peel.

6.Do Chemical Peels Work?

Yes, chemical peels do work. A light chemical peel is put on the skin. The peel might have glycolic acid or salicylic acid in it. 

While the peel is on your skin, it might feel a little bit like a bee sting. The peel should be left on the skin for at most 8 minutes. The skin is washed and cleaned with cold water.

A dermatologist is a suitable person to do a mild chemical peel. An applicator with a cotton tip or gauze is used to apply a chemical solution with trichloroacetic acid and sometimes mixed with glycolic acid. 

You might feel like your skin is stinging and burning for up to 20 minutes. Putting a cold compress on the skin will make it feel better. A fan also helps cool the skin down.

7.You Can Have Multiple Peels

Patients usually need more than one chemical peel session to achieve their ideal results. You can repeat light peels about once a month if you want, but you can only repeat medium or deep peels every few months or years. 

8.SPF is Essential

After you've had a chemical peel, the sun will hurt your skin. This makes SPF even more critical than it was before. As much as possible, try to stay out of the direct sun, and choose products with SPF 30+ to wear daily. 

Putting on protective clothing like hats or sunglasses can also help. Wearing SPF and staying out of the sun can help you keep the results of your chemical peel for a long time, preventing wrinkles and sunspots from appearing in the future.

9.Some Peels May Need To Work

After a superficial chemical peel, your skin may peel and turn red. Still, these effects will be mild enough to go about daily life. On the other hand, medium and deep chemical peels need more time to heal. 

Redness, swelling, and peeling are all normal and expected after these chemical peels. You may also feel irritated or uncomfortable. Some deep chemical peels will hurt so much that you'll need painkillers while your skin heals. 

On average, these chemical peels will leave you out of commission for about a week. Most people will see the final results of medium or deep chemical peels two to four weeks after their procedures.

10.Results Are Long Lasting

After a chemical peel, your skin will be smoother, brighter, and look younger. It will also have fewer pigmentation or texture problems. The following should be lessened: wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, sunspots or age spots, and minor scars. 

As long as you take care of your skin, these effects can last long. The impact of a light chemical peel should last for a few months, while the results of a deep chemical peel can last up to a year. 

Again, use high-quality skin care products as part of your daily routine, and don't forget to use SPF to protect your skin from sun damage.

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